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The Company "Agricola Gian Piero Marrone" is a Family for four generations dedicated with Passion to the works in the vineyards. 


Marrone Pietro, then his son Carlo, the nephew Gian Piero and now great-grandchildren Denise, Serena and Valentina have tried and are trying every day to produce wines more and more good, genuine, expressing the passion with which they're made. 


The company is located in La Morra, in Annunziata, among hills covered with vineyards and centuries-old history castles, clearly visible from its panoramic terrace, perhaps enjoying an exmobent wine. 


In the last years the company has been enriched by our skilled and passionate cooperators, like Pier Franca Doretti, who for 26 years follows barrels and barriques with maternal love.


Marco Bertone, the husband of Serena, which deals both with sales and mobar, as it is done in countryside families.


Dario Olivero, a graduate in Agriculture, who is in charge of the winery and vineyards and who is well helped by Adnan and Marco. 


Francesca Beltrutti, accurate and efficient secretary, office manager for 7 years.

While Giovanna, who is the Marrone Family's Mum, Mihaela and Federica, managed the kitchen by creating great combinations of typical food and our wine.

A group which is getting increasing approval in the 26 countries where the wines are exported. 



Gian Piero Marrone: owner, farmer, wine maker
mob: +39 335 6528183 • gianpiero@agricolamarrone.com

Giovanna Cassino: wife of Gian Piero, winery hospitality
mob: +39 335 7711231

Denise Marrone: degree in Marketing, sommelier, winery hospitality,  Italian speaking market and German, English and French speaking markets
mob: +39 335 7711232 • denise@agricolamarrone.com

Serena Marrone: degree in Economy, sommelier, administration, new markets
mob: +39 335 7711233 • serena@agricolamarrone.com

Valentina Marrone: company winemaker, sommelier, vineyards control
mob: +39 335 7711234 • valentina@agricolamarrone.com

Pier Franca Doretti - cellar, controls, logistics
Francesca Beltrutti - office, accounting
Alessia Rasi - office, accounting
Monica Viarisio - office, accounting
Milena Marasso - winery hospitality
Giulia Giachino - winery hospitality, tour operator
Heber Brena - chef
Marco Bertone - logistics, wine cellar, foreign markets
Dario Olivero - winery, vineyards 
Adnan Shabanov - vineyards